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What our customers say:

  • Job carried out to a high standard by a very courteous person. I know where to come for any future plumbing needs.

    Cheers, Alex


  • B & B Plumbers have done excellent work. Especially S**, who worked hard under three units on his own. She also acknowledges Scott who helped on the job from time to time too. Fabulous workmanship, lovely and polite young men. They worked for hours and hours to fix her copper pipes. Now there is no noise from the neighbours toilet flushing or from other neighbours using their washing machines. She appreciates all their hard work and knows it was a big job. PATRICIA - May 2018


  • Plumber was very pleasant, efficient and courteous. He went out of his way to ensure everything was done properly and she was very impressed with his workmanship. KAREN - Oct 2018

    Karen G

  • Absolutely delighted with B&B, the guys were so efficient, involved her with the job and showed her what was wrong, no time wasted umm-ing and aah-ing trying to take longer and charge more. Impressed how quickly problem diagnosed and fixed. VALERIE Oct 2018


  • Had a few issues with our toilet seat replacement but B&B went above and beyond...Ashlee Aug 2018


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Job Opportunities

There is always an opportunity at B&B Plumbing for the right people with the right attitude. From Apprenticeships, Registration and or Certifying whether it be in Plumbing, Drainage, Gasfitting or Roofing trade we want you.

Tradesman are the backbone of our company. If you are looking for a change where staff morale and work ethic matters then contact us.

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